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Machine Learning for industry

As part of the Fraunhofer CCIT, the Technology Hub Machine Learning addresses current industrial challenges to enable the strategic integration of transparent and resilient Artificial Intelligence solutions into production, business and sales processes.

Competitive digitization applications, agile production processes and attractive new business models require a cognitive internet for industry. It links the physical world of things with the digital world of data and learning algorithms for highly intelligent services. To achieve this goal, the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Internet Technologies CCIT combines the competencies of more than 20 Fraunhofer institutes from the fields of microelectronics, information and communication technology, and production. Scientists from different disciplines develop key technologies along the value chain – from sensor technologies to intelligent learning methods in data processing right up to the Cloud.

The Fraunhofer CCIT is clustered into three technology hubs with different focuses:

  • Technology Hub Machine Learning
  • Technology Hub Data Spaces
  • Technology Hub IoT-COMMs

The leading edge with "Informed Machine Learning"

In the Technology Hub Machine Learning, our goal is to develop a new generation of reliable Machine Learning (ML) processes that operate more robustly and understandably, even with little data. Therefore, we use compositional approaches to systematically integrate structural and procedural expert knowledge into statistical training processes.

This is what we call "Informed Machine Learning": Our approach broadens the application and usage range of ML enormously. Companies to date have had no insight into the "Black Box", but Informed Machine Learning makes it possible to transparently understand the decisions made by learning systems and to intervene at the right points – an important prerequisite for assessing quality, reliability, and risks, as well as for combining learning results with existing expertise and models. On the long term, this creates new possibilities for companies to increase their quality and efficiency and to develop new products, services, and future-oriented business models.

Inter-institutional collaboration

At the Technology Hub Machine Learning, the Fraunhofer Institutes IAIS (management), IOSB, ITWM and SCAI consolidate their many years of scientific expertise and their expertise from the direct transfer of pioneering ML research into industry. What results from the close cooperation with the other two technology hubs of the Fraunhofer IoT-COMMS and Data Spaces – is a seamless chain from the recording of data, their secure storage and processing right up to their intelligent use or application.

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